A K-pop Concert.


I don’t say it very often but I’m a bit of a K-pop fan. My partner and I were incredibly excited to find out that one of our favorite groups, 2AM, were holding their Asian tour concert in the university stadium just a fifteen-minute walk from where we live. That was a good night, live music and pretty boys.




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    1. Michelle!! I knew you like k-pop but I didn’t know they are your fave! Gosh, they were so good and the concert was over way too quickly! I hope you’ll be able to catch them in a concert soon, all that live singing!!! :)

      1. YESS. I actually buy their albums. The Fitzgerald one was so well-packaged. I am praying hard that they will head to Singapore as part of the Asian tour! Have already a group of friends who are ready and willing to go together! Diverting away from Kpop, I watched FIR just last weekend, sooo goood too!

  1. I’ve never heard of 2AM, but I am becoming more familiar with K-pop. Of course, with “Gangnam Style” being as popular as it is, it’s a bit unsurprising. :) However, one of my good friends from college now teaches English in South Korea, so she has been introducing me to a lot more overseas bands, which I enjoy. It sounds like the concert was a lot of fun! I haven’t been to one in ages. The last one I attended was a few years ago; my brother and I went and saw Elton John.

    1. How Gangnam Style grew to be be as popular as it is is beyond me! :D Concerts are one of the things that make me really happy to be in a crowd, I hope you get to go to one soon!

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