Zabu Café / 雜鋪.


After my last post of pictures that involved too much light, I thought it’d be fun to share some with way too little light. Zabu (雜鋪) is a cafe/izakaya fusion in the Shida night market area but like many other interesting establishments there, it has recently ceased business because of residents/vendors dispute that has been going on for way too long. The food is great and the ambience laidback and cozy. They are currently looking to relocate and I’ll definitely be popping by the new place (hopefully in the day) as soon as it’s announced.






Negative0-10-7A(1)Kodak Gold 200, Zenit TTL

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    1. Thank you! I know what you mean by scary, the tones are crazy! Definitely not the kind of style I would have achieved on purpose but they are kind of cool. :)

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