What It’s Like To Be A Toy Poodle.


Ever since we’ve had Mimi live with us, we’ve often looked at her and wonder how great life must be for this tiny poodle – endless playtime, always looking pretty and showered with an immense amount of love. These are some precious moments captured in the days of our lives with our baby dog, always a baby to us even though she’s turning two very soon.



Negative0-18-14A(1)Kodak UltraMax 400, Canon FTb

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    1. We’d planned on adopting a cat too but things worked out a little differently, and for the best too! I hope you’ll have a pup or kitty in your life soon! :)

  1. She’s so cute! :3

    I would switch lives with my dog anytime I think XD He has all the love in the world, nice walks, good food and a solid family (a la Ceaser Millan) so I think he has it pretty good!
    I do hope his leg gets better, he had a misstep and he was limping, then after a few pills and a few days of smaller walks it looked okay, but now… We’ll wait till tomorrow or else it will be back to the vet! :x

    1. Thanks, Ariel! Well, if you get to see her in person some day that’d be even more awesome. P.S. looking forward to your Europe pictures, I’m sure they are going to turn out great!

  2. So adorable! I have a miniature black poodle but he never sits so nice. He’s so fluffy and hairy you can barely see his eyes – especially since he’s got black hair.

    1. Thank you, Kendra! I always see black poodles around and they are the absolute cutest, especially when you can’t figure out where their faces are! :D

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