FLORET Room of Handmade Stuff / 小花花手作雜貨店.

I knew that we were headed for a cute handmade cafe when I suggested to Evelyn that we visit FLORET in Kaohsiung but the truth is, it turned out to be pretty much the dream shop, ever.

This wonderful space tucked in a quiet lane is a handmade shop (FLORET Room of Handmade Stuff) and cafe (Biscuit & Rabbit Cafe Tea Rooms) rolled in one. Pictures of the cafe will come right up in tomorrow’s post but will you first look at the crazy messy sewing room they have at the back of the shop? I don’t use uppercase often but WHAT A DREAM.

The incredibly sad thing is that they’ve recently announced the closing of the Kaohsiung shop to focus on another venture that will bring them back to Taipei. It’s a shame that this happy place in Kaohsiung will cease to exist but I’m just going to count my lucky stars that we got to go for the first last time.

Ferrania Solaris 200, Zenit TTL
Lucky Super 100, Zenit TTL

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