2012 on Film – Going Places.


My feet have taken me to some amazing places in 2012 and I’ll forever be grateful for the immense amount of memories I’ve made even though the year is over way too quickly. I hope when you find yourself taking some time to reflect on the little things you’ve done this year, they add up and fill your heart. Here’s to a really, really great 2013.


2 comments on “2012 on Film – Going Places.

  1. I like your blue shoes. Can I have a pair? :) Hopefully you’ll be going to all kinds of interesting places in 2013 as well! I enjoyed all of your recaps the last few days, and I’m looking forward to seeing more and more photos from you this coming year. Happy New Year, Katie!

    1. Thank you, Dawn! I hope you find a cute pair of blue shoes :)

      Happy New Year to you, too, may it be fill with love, luck and good health.

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