2012 on Film – Flowers and Plants.


If it came down to picking a favorite thing to photograph, I believe it’d be flowers and plants. The colors and shapes and textures never ceases to amaze me, so much so that I’d really love to take a class or two on gardening. A new resolution for 2013, maybe?


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  1. I know, for a matter of fact, that you have so many more photos of flowers than just these. :) I remember the post you did of just the flowers in the windowsill at the hostel. Those were lovely. I think taking a gardening class would be an excellent idea! I could probably use some of that knowledge as well–I’m really good at semi killing things. Poor plants… haha.

  2. Hey Katie!
    好久不…评论? :) 但是我还有到这里看看。那个我看,我喜欢!

    Life is maxing out in business again. Exam in law coming up, so much to learn… so little joy, hehe.

    I’ve gone on a break from shooting film since I am for the umpteenth time at odds with my scanner, figuring that it does not do what it should (or at least what I want it to do). I plan to resolve that matter once and for all after the exam. We’ll see how that goes…

    I hope that y’all are doing well! And keep posting, it makes my morning coffee much more enjoyable ^_^

    Btw, passed this semesters text course in mandarin. I’m slowly getting better (I think…).

    1. 謝謝你雖然很忙但仍然抽空來看!:)

      I’ve been meaning to get a scanner myself.. what problem do you have with yours?

      Congrats on the Mandarin course! Maybe the next comment/email could be in Mandarin only? :D

      1. Thank you! I really should… soon :)

        I doubt the result that I get when scanning slides. I want the scans to turn out the way they should had I gone for prints, but I have a hard time to find a way that feel… trustworthy. Either the white balance feels of, the contrast flat, the picture unsharp (more than I believe it should) or as usual, all of them. I shoot film because I do NOT want to tamper a lot with every shot in photoshop and I want to experience the characteristics of different brands of film.

        Maybe it’s my lack of knowledge of film photography that make me expect different results than what I am getting. But when I compare shots like this one http://www.flickr.com/photos/lnsklndr/8258262751/ with your mug cake ones (both with Fuji Superia 400) I can’t help but feel annoyed with especially the contrasts (which has been increased here…).

        I guess I’ll have to ask the lab to digitalise the next roll, to have something to compare with. It’s just so darn expensive >.<

        To develop slides only is about 110-120 人民币 and with digitalisation it's up to about 200-250 人民币, which was about my daily budget in 台北 (including staying with you) I think.

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