2012 on Film – Going Places.


My feet have taken me to some amazing places in 2012 and I’ll forever be grateful for the immense amount of memories I’ve made even though the year is over way too quickly. I hope when you find yourself taking some time to reflect on the little things you’ve done this year, they add up and fill your heart. Here’s to a really, really great 2013.


2012 on Film – Friends.


I had such a blast going through photographs I took of friends – there is always an ongoing challenge for me to have people, in general, as my photography subjects and where better to begin than your own friends? I am terrible at asking strangers if I can take their pictures, that definitely has to go in the new year!



2012 on Film – Cafés.


In my 2011 wrap-up post, I talked about falling in love with film photography, having purchased the Yashica Electro 35 GSN in April and then the Canon FTb in November. Equipped with my “serious cameras”, 2012 went on to become my first full year of using film. It has been an amazing year of learning and experimenting; I absolutely adore putting the things/people I love in front of the camera and make something to remember them forever with.

I have prepared a number of posts that feature collages of my favorite photography subjects and my best memories of 2012. Some of them have appeared on this blog before and some haven’t had their chances yet but each a little piece that makes up my year so far.