Zizhu Village in Kaohsiung / Part I.

We’d wanted to visit Zizhu Village – nondescript Military Dependents’ Village turned tourist hotspot via the power of art – on the day we arrived in Kaohsiung but were warned by the lady running the hostel that she’d heard the village had moved. Instead, she suggested that we visit Pier-2 Art Center, where we spent a great afternoon. But the possibility of the village still available for visit kept nagging at the back of our minds so we scoured the Internet that night and found that people were still visiting it a couple of weeks ago and back it went on our schedule for the next day. Evelyn offers a short background on the village and really awesome photos on her blog.

Ferrania Solaris 200, Zenit TTL

Please click here for other pictures of Zizhu Village, Kaohsiung.

2 comments on “Zizhu Village in Kaohsiung / Part I.

  1. I checked out the other blog too and, wow! There is a lot of colorful, whimsical art there! I’m glad you made the trek over. I always find that my hunches are things to pay heed to.

    1. Hunches are always on hindsight for me – I will realize I did something on a hunch but in that moment it is as simple as I WANT TO DO THAT. Haha!

      The place is amazing, I hope more people get the chance to visit it where it’s still there.

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