They Are Ducks.

Now we know that these are ducks (thanks to the lovely Dawn for the confirmation), I can stop calling them waterfowls. Actually, a little Googling would make the answer quite obvious: ducks and geese have such different beaks.

These were taken on the same roll, on the same day as the Barbie exhibition I went to and you can see that the color shifts are so much stronger in daylight. The tones are green to a point of absurdity!

Ferrania Solaris 100 (expired), Zenit TTL

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  1. These are pretty heavily greened. Wow. Well, now you know. :) It helps all of us learn more about the film, too. I can almost hear the duck in the second photo QUACK. I got so used to them when Aaron and I lived at our last apartment that we started tuning them out. Silly ducks.

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