Olympus Autoeye.

The Olympus Autoeye is one of the five cameras I won in bulk on a local auction website and I was really excited to take it out for a spin to see what it can do. The selenium meter doesn’t work and I vaguely remember the exposure or shutter ring being stuck – I’m not entirely sure because the last time I fiddled with it was more than six months ago. It’s a shame because the Autoeye is a beautiful camera and although the one I have is in pristine cosmetic conditions, it no longer lives up to its functions and works more like a trigger-happy plastic camera.

I might still load it with film at some point though, just for the fun of it. I got back a roll of film taken on the Yashica today and am now quite taken with rangefinders all over again!

Ferrania Solaris 400 (expired), Olympus Autoeye

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  1. Nice photos and a great site you have here. Too bad the meter doesn’t work in your Auto Eye. I have one in perfect condition I got on Craigslist for just $10, with case, strap, manual, flash bracket, and cap. It really is a delightful camera to use.

  2. The Autoeye is such a cute little camera!! I’ve always had a thing for box-y cameras. I especially love your first photo of cacti, I think cacti are cute plants. Do you intend to fix the Autoeye?

    1. It sure is cute! Unfortunately, there are so many things about it that need to be fixed that it’d probably be a better idea just to track down another one.

  3. From the looks of it, that camera definitely fits in with the rest of your collection. :) It’s unfortunate that there are so many things that keep it from working perfectly.

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