4 comments on “Double Exposures on the LC-A+.

  1. I love double exposures! These are so neat! The people in them look like ghosts; you’re almost not sure which image they belong in. :) My favorite has to be the last one. It’s an optical illusion to me. Oh–and I don’t know if you would be interested or not, but I’ve decided to host an ornament swap this year! You’re so creative, and I would love to see what you would make. But I also know you’re super super busy, so it’s cool if you chose not to. I still like you and your double exposures. :)

    1. The LC-A+ sure makes enjoying double exposures very easy :)

      I wish I had better knowledge of how to make artistically planned doubles but they just happen on a whim for me, mostly.

      Thanks for the invitation – I am surprising even myself here but I would love to give it a go! It’d be a great opportunity to crochet something different than what I usually do. Let me know the details when you’ve got them sorted out! :)

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