Daytrip to Yilan – Xinliao Waterfall Trail.

The Xinliao Waterfall (新寮瀑布) wasn’t at its finest when we made the trip to Yilan – summer had just begun and there had been very little rain. I wasn’t really bothered because the trail that leads to the waterfall was my favorite part and more than made up for it. I pretty much went crazy with my cameras in the glorious weather and had so much fun watching Mimi play with water for the first time in her life! 

Ferrania Solaris 200, Canon FTb

4 comments on “Daytrip to Yilan – Xinliao Waterfall Trail.

  1. Was that a picture of you with your camera? It’s so nice to see a photo of you, too! :) That place looks like it was fun, though. And the company was definitely pretty good, from the looks of it. :) The spiderweb photo at the beginning is stunning; it’s amazing how film still manages to get the intricacies of such delicate things.

    1. Thanks, that’s me alright! :)

      The spiderweb picture turned out way better than I had expected, especially the pastel tones I got out of the Solaris film.

  2. So that’s where I should have gone! I had this wish to “take a shower” in waterfall during my trip on your island. Never managed to make it though. Well, next time huh? :)

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