Café Trouve / 找到咖啡館.

To be quite honest, I’m completely surprised at how warm the tones turned out for this roll of Agfa Vista 200 film – Cafe Trouve (找到咖啡館) was pretty dark at first impression but we picked a really nice spot beside the window and enjoyed a good amount of light streaming in. The soft edges made with the Helios lens are pretty dreamy, don’t you think?

Cafe Trouve was not originally on our list of cafes to visit but I’m so glad we did, it’s one of those places that I would love to go back again for a quiet afternoon and a cup of condensed milk latte.

Agfa Vista Plus 200, Zenit TTL

9 comments on “Café Trouve / 找到咖啡館.

    1. I tried the 400 film of the Agfa Vista Plus series first and didn’t really enjoy the reddish tones but the 200 (and 100, for that matter) are much more blue/green-ish, which I really like!

      1. Ahh Katie! You know what! Agfa is for sale for one pound a roll here in the UK and I one day bought 60 of them haha! I shot so many rolls it was just insane.

        Agfa VistaPlus 200 although being super cheap is actually my favourite film with the beautiful FujiColor C200 :) Their tones just won my heart over.

        You used it so incredibly and I absolutely love your grain!

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