Zizhu Village in Kaohsiung / Part I.

We’d wanted to visit Zizhu Village – nondescript Military Dependents’ Village turned tourist hotspot via the power of art – on the day we arrived in Kaohsiung but were warned by the lady running the hostel that she’d heard the village had moved. Instead, she suggested that we visit Pier-2 Art Center, where we spent a great afternoon. But the possibility of the village still available for visit kept nagging at the back of our minds so we scoured the Internet that night and found that people were still visiting it a couple of weeks ago and back it went on our schedule for the next day. Evelyn offers a short background on the village and really awesome photos on her blog.

Ferrania Solaris 200, Zenit TTL

Please click here for other pictures of Zizhu Village, Kaohsiung.


I’ve been relishing my new hobby of gardening for about three months now and let me tell you, it is most definitely growing on me like film photography did. I just can’t stop planting. These were taken when I planted my first seeds and my herd has grown from one pot to ten since then. Watching flowers bloom is possibly one of the best things in my life right now; I am a lover of small things.

Kodak ColorPlus 200, Canon FTb

Forro Café.

The last time I went to Taichung to run some errands I only had time to visit one cafe and it had to be Forro, I decided, after all the raving reviews and pretty pictures I saw on the Internet. I had high hopes for it and quite frankly, although it was a really, really pretty space, the food sucked so much I would never encourage anyone to go unless they understand that they are essentially paying to take photographs of the place.

Food woes aside, the prettiness of this place is impeccable. The interiors are casual but thoughtful, perfect for a living space. They even managed to manufacture a front yard and a back yard for a house in the middle of the city, finished with huge glass doors that let all the light in.

Kodak Gold 200, Canon FTb

Random Redscale.

I have my first roll of black and white film loaded into my Canon FTb right now; a few shots have been taken but always with too much thought. I have a hard time convincing myself that I can go around snapping my everyday pictures on black and white film and expect them to turn out decent, plus the weather has been awfully bleak lately…

Too much thinking. I need to leave these thoughts behind and head out with my black and white film tomorrow. I hope the lack of color surprises me as pleasantly as redscale film did.

Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400 (redscaled), Canon FTb

Sunset by the Waters / 駁二藝術特區.

It has to be said that we were there at the correct time – late afternoon, best kind of light for photos and just in time for the sunset – in the most beautiful weather. And that abandoned floating restaurant that sits in the middle of the river just pushed the nostalgia level up a notch, doesn’t it?

Agfa Vista Plus 200, Zenit TTL
Lomography CN 800, Lomo LC-A+