Is it terrible that I’m not entirely sure if these are ducks or geese? On one hand, they look plainly like ducks to me and on the other, they’re huge and completely unafraid of humans walking past as they made their way out of the water to chomp on grass. I got super up-close on my Zenit TTL but thought I would share these first.

I have shot six rolls of film on the LC-A+ now and am beginning to appreciate the flaws in the pictures I create with it. I was so looking forward to making “high quality” and “well-focused” toy camera pictures that it made it hard to enjoy using the camera. Recently I brought the LC-A+ with me on a short trip to Kaohsiung and rediscovered the fun in mindless snapping – not caring so much actually got me a couple of gems!

Lomography CN 100, Lomo LC-A+

4 comments on “Waterfowls.

  1. You’re right–ducks! Those white ones are typically much larger than other ducks. (And a lot more quackier, too, haha.) I think the middle photo is my favorite of this set. That one duck is in focus, but there’s a nice softness to the rest of it.

    1. Thanks for the confirmation, Dawn – ducks they are! :)

      There is a double exposure on the one in the middle, not sure if I meant to do it or not, but love the results anyway.

  2. I really admire your photography skills and use of film. I just bought a film camera and am still adjusting to the differences. It’s really wonderful though.

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