The Barbie Show.

I went to an exhibition back in August featuring a personal collection of 1200 Barbie dolls that belongs to local fashion designer, Goji Lin. I’m not a Barbie fan on any level (we were invited by two Chinese guests staying in the hostel who were working as volunteers for the event) but it was quite interesting to see the first Barbie doll ever made and seeing his own designs turned miniature on the dolls.

I’m not sure why in the world I picked a 100 speed film for an indoor exhibition – it was so, so dark! – but the color shifts on this expired film are quite amusing, to say the least.

Ferrania Solaris 100 (expired), Zenit TTL

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    1. Thank you! :)

      My parents and relatives gifted me with lots of Barbie dolls when I was a kid but I was never really into them, maybe except for one that had super long hair that hit her heels!

  1. Maybe it’s just me but I think the 100 speed film that you’ve used kinda gave the shots a better feel to it, like the darker areas turned out really dark. There’s like a spot light effect of some sort!

    1. You noticed! :) I really like the dark edges too, my problem is that since it was so dark and the film speed is so slow I had to set the shutter at 1/30 which is crazy for my unsteady hands on this camera. That being said, though, I still really enjoy this set of pictures so thank you! :)

  2. I agree with Maverick. The darkness in the photos really spotlights the dolls themselves. They stand out. And I like how a lot of the photos have different colors. Some are more green, for instance. It’s interesting. I used to have a TON of Barbies when I was little. I had lots and lots of them. I think I would’ve enjoyed this exhibit. It’s pretty cool to see both the Barbie version and the real version of the outfit. A nice miniature. Miniatures are always fun. :)

    And 1/30! Oh my gosh. My hands would’ve utterly failed me. You did a good job!

    1. I agree, miniatures are always fun! :) I could have done better – there are still some pictures that turned out blur. If they didn’t you’d get to see more of the exhibition! :)

  3. I attended this free film photography talk here in our country, and the speaker said that newly changed chemical can cause that greenish color shift. :D

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