Taipei Water Park Nursery.

If you don’t fancy flowers as much as I do, this seriously borders on being a photo dump post but I can’t apologize for adoring these summer blooms (from back in July) and the crazy swirly bokeh on the Helios lens. I’ve recently made another trip to the nursery with a dear friend and oh, how much the colors have changed for fall.

Kodak UltraMax 400, Zenit TTL

8 comments on “Taipei Water Park Nursery.

  1. Such a lovely splash of color on this cool October day. And I’m quite intrigued by the fourth from the bottom… mmm… glimpses into other lives. :)

    1. That is actually a workshop, I believe, that serves the nursery but the funny thing is that no one is ever there, no matter which time of the day I visit. Thanks for dropping by, Emily, your blog is beautiful. :)

  2. You best include the fall photos sometime then, too. :) Those sunflowers are arranged so neatly! Wow. And I love the swirls! I think you described its effect perfectly.

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