Small Friends.

Lomography CN 400, Canon FTb

When I was little, I was terrified of insects and small animals. These days, I find myself going nearer and nearer to my small friends, hoping that they will stay still enough for a picture.

P.S. I wish there was a bird in the second picture but there isn’t, it’s just a tiny nest that was left behind.

Lomography CN 800, Canon FTb

Kodak UltraMax 800, Zenit TTL

Kodak UltraMax 400, Zenit TTL

4 comments on “Small Friends.

  1. As long as they are no spiders (still don’t like them) I don’t mind! I have a lot of pictures of butterflies too, maybe I should post them sometime! :]

  2. Insects are some of the neatest things to take pictures of! I always like macros of them because you are always so surprised to see the textures of their tiny bodies. I’m just not a fan of spiders. So none of those, please. :)

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