Night Market on the LC-A+.

These are from way back in July when I first got the LC-A+ and took it with me to dinner at the night market to see how it fares at night. They are much less detailed than my previous set of night market pictures but I love how the dark edges give the local nightly haunt a mysterious, dramatic feel.

Kodak ColorPlus 200, Lomo LC-A+

9 comments on “Night Market on the LC-A+.

    1. Thank you, Margrethe! I’m not usually very into night photography but I think the LC-A+ works pretty well and much more convenient than an SLR at night!

    1. Thanks Rhianne! I was not using a tripod (haha, the thought of me lugging a tripod around is too funny, I’m way too lazy!) and the pictures didn’t turn out blur perhaps because I was shooting directly and purposely at places with lots of light source?

  1. Even if things had blurred a bit, I think they’d look a little ghostly. It would work with all of the contrasting shadows that are in the corners. Some of these make me think of watching the action happen from behind a keyhole, through a tiny hole. It’s like being able to see the general idea of what is going on, while something is still hindering you from the entire scene. It’s a nice feel.

    1. :)

      When I first saw these pictures they felt like stills out of a movie for me. You totally described how I felt – like I was not at all part of the scenes that were taking place.

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