Merci Café.

I’ve been hoarding these pictures for a while now; they’re definitely some of my favorites that I’ve taken at a cafe. The tones are wonderfully warm and reflect the coziness of Merci Cafe so well. And that wooden rack outside the shop that says All Plants For Sale? All that prettiness just about stole my heart.

Kodak ColorPlus 200, Canon FTb

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  1. You have been hoarding these. :) I’m so happy you got a picture of the wall–it’s my favorite. I like how you framed all of the boxes on the wall, but I also love them in general as decorations. What an awesome place; I’d definitely want to pick up a plant or two. Or eight.

    1. You know, my table was right across this particular wall and I think I took a couple of minutes trying to decide how to frame what I was looking at. What I’ve taken is just a very small part of the huge wall filled with similar decorations and I thought to myself, don’t be too ambitious trying to take the entire wall in. I’m really happy with how that little small part turned out on a photograph! :)

  2. So beautiful! Just my kind of a place and your photographs got the atmosphere in such lovely way!
    I love the look of the herbs hanged over the bar. And all the plants! Gorgeous!

  3. 哈囉:D

  4. I love how the plants are hanging over the counter area! Its like a small enchanted forest (with food)! Nice top too, good taste! :D

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