Making Art.

A couple of months ago we had the pleasure of having Stephanie, an elementary school teacher from Paris, stay with us at the hostel for about two weeks. One day we found her making art with crayons and paint in the common area because she “had so many ideas” she “couldn’t not make art right away”. I love that the burst of inspiration was so huge she had to act on it immediately in the middle of her vacation. There is just too little time for us to waste.

Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400 (redscaled), Canon FTb

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    1. Thanks! My local photo lab introduced this film to me for its similiarity with the Lomography XR. It is cheaper but the results are not as unpredictable as the XR, although the tones are still lovely! I took some at a local supermarket and love how they turned out – will share soon!

  1. When those moments of inspiration come on, you have to give in. The idea is so raw and passionate that it would be incredibly detrimental to give up on it.

  2. It must be so fun to own a hostel. You get to meet a lot of people around the world. Thats the best thing for me when I worked in Singapore for a few months.

    1. :) Unfortunately, I don’t own it! My friends do and I help them manage it but it is fun, nonetheless. I really enjoy having friends in different parts of the world! :)

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