Journey Kaffe / 覺旅咖啡.

The really good thing about being self-employed is that you get to decide when you want an afternoon off just to spend some time with a book and a big wooden bowl of salad. I hopped over to Journey Kaffe ( 覺旅咖啡) on one such particular afternoon for their awesome Caesar salad but the cafe is way too noisy for me to visit repeatedly. Also on a not-so-awesome note, these pictures turned out so muck darker than I expected. While it is common knowledge that ISO 800 film is ideal for low light conditions, I’ve found myself more satisfied with underexposing high speed film in bright daylight.

Kodak UltraMax 800, Zenit TTL

3 comments on “Journey Kaffe / 覺旅咖啡.

  1. Hmm. They are a bit dark. At least they’re not TOO dark, where things are unrecognizable. I’ll tell you what, though–that is one delicious-looking salad.

  2. I kind of notice that too from your photos. Most ISO800 films you’ve used appears more darker than those ISO400 which is kind of weird. Do you overexposed shots when you use high speed films? I’ve noticed from the films I’ve used, the ones with higher speed, ISO400 is the highest speed I’ve used so far, needs to be overexposed by 1-step. This is no professional knowledge also, just a mere observation. :D

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