11 comments on “Hello Mimi.

  1. Her face is the last picture x]

    What breed is she? We have a Dutch Shepherd, looks more like a wolf though, everytime I kids walk by they cling to their dad/mom and go: “LOOK A WOLF!” XDD

  2. Mimi is absolutely adorable! I have two rabbits at home, and they’re so hard to capture on camera because they’re constantly moving about. That last photo of her makes me want to hug her.

    1. We’re lucky we have a few keywords that we can use with Mimi to get her to look at the camera, it usually involves bribing her with a walk! :)

  3. Mimi is so adorable! I have a male toy poodle that would love to be her boyfriend. He is very lonely since his girlfriend pasted away in 2008. He is my sidekick and is very loyal.

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