Family on Film – Outfits I Wish I Inherited.

It’s been so long since my last Family on Film post that even I believed that I was done with the series. This one is dedicated to all the lovely outfits my mother wore in her pictures, none of which she had the foresight (sorry, mum!) to keep and see if her daughters might one day want to wear. The spider-adorned top in the last picture would fit so well in my wardrobe!

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4 comments on “Family on Film – Outfits I Wish I Inherited.

  1. Wow! Your mom had some pretty awesome outfits! I think my favorite is actually the blue dress that is in the first photo. I hope you inherited some things from your mom, even if they aren’t in these photos. My mom (well, my hoarding grandma, actually), saved some clothes from back in the day. It’s nice to still have a few things that my mom wore and loved.

  2. Dig this!
    This post makes me ponder over the fact that most of my life since around 2002 is only stored digitally. Somehow it feels quite vulnerable. If the unit where I store it on would decide to cave in, so much that I hold dear would be lost. It’s a good thing that maybe 1/4th of what I did in Taiwan was captured on film :)

    The post does also make me wish that I had made an effort to socialise with your mothers generation while I was on your island. There is so much about it’s history that I would like to ask and get to know about. Well, another reason (like I needed one…) to go back agin.

    1. I totally agree – these days I have pangs of regret for the fact that I didn’t start on film sooner. So many beautiful memories could be well-kept!

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