Enjoying the Weather.

Kodak ColorPlus 200, Canon FTb

The weather has been absolutely brilliant recently; beautiful blue skies and the perfect temperature to walk in. It’s nice to stay indoors with all the light pouring in our huge windows but it is much better to be outside! Which is why we are heading to the beach on an impromptu trip tomorrow – I need to wake up in five hours but just wanted to say a happy October to everyone!

2 comments on “Enjoying the Weather.

  1. It was gorgeous here today, too! It ended up sprinkling a little bit, but it was one of those nice, gentle rains that come with fall. Cool, but clear and calm. It looks like you’ve been painting yourself some pretty creations. Were you painting the patterns of fabrics at all? (That yellow one looks a lot like the ring I bought from the shop!)

    1. You’re right! :) I can’t draw but I love patterns so I decided to begin painting with fabric patterns.. moving on to painting my photographs, which is really fun too!

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