Tunghai University in Taichung.

Six months ago (six!), my friends and I visited Taichung over a long weekend to watch the cherry blossoms. We were on our way to the famous Tunghai Night Market and decided to drop by the Tunghai University campus that was right beside the night market. While strolling the grounds it is hard to miss the Luce Chapel – named after a 19th century missionary in China, Rev. Henry Luce – a well-known piece of architecture by renowned architect, I.M.Pei.

To be completely honest I wasn’t all that charmed by the chapel but I did enjoy taking pictures of my friends taking turns to take pictures for the rest of us, I’m sure you can tell. I’m surprised these pictures even came out, the day was dreary and the sun was almost out by the time we reached but that’s the fun thing about film!

Lomography CN 800, Canon FTb

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