Fall is here.

Agfa Vista Plus 200, Canon FTb

We’ve been feeling it, too, in this part of the world: the breeze is a little cooler, the days are getting shorter and I’m starting to layer shirts and cardigans over my outfits. Frankly, you can never tell how long this Fall Is Here business will last in Taiwan. We might be surprised with a week of high temps out of nowehere just for the fun of it.

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  1. For the past couple of days, I’ve been able to get by with the windows open. It’s been nice to have the fresh breeze coming in, and it is nice relaxing to the sounds at night. There will be a time, however, when I won’t even be able to do that… it will be too chilly. :)

  2. Is that a typical taiwanese fall shot? I would have guessed spring :)
    I’ve noticed that the leafs are starting to turn red here, so I hope I’ll be able to catch some shots of them before they fall off. It often happens way too fast.
    And I’ve noticed that I need to get meself a new jacket…

    Just out of curiosity, how many degrees are you down to?

    Lovely shot! The bokeh of that lens is just the kind I love. I really like how the branches emerge from the background.

    1. Actually, Linus, you’re correct. :)

      I cheated a bit and posted a non-colorful tree shot from Spring. We don’t get a lot of reds here, even in fall, which is a shame.

      These days we are hovering around 20°C to 25°C, which is a luxury.

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