The Window.

Kodak UltraMax 800, Zenit TTL

You might have noticed what I like to call The Window in this post – it’s a lone, skinny aisle between rooms and one of my favorite spots in the hostel. I try to keep fresh flowers by The Window as much as possible and so far daisies and baby’s breath are my favorite.

This will be a continuous documentation of the blooms I keep by The Window; I’m curious exactly how many colors daisies come in. 

Kodak UltraMax 400, Canon FTb

Kodak UltraMax 800, Zenit TTL

Fujifilm Superia 200, Canon FTb

Kodak UltraMax 400, Canon FTb

Ferrania Solaris 200, Zenit TTL

8 comments on “The Window.

  1. I love these pictures and I’m excited about ths continuous documentation. I had a window right outside my room in the house I grew up in that I took endless pictures of because the seasons and sunsets would look different with each day. It’s so nice to have a window that can be inspiring!

  2. i have this fascination for windows…your documentation will definitely help to feed it:D
    and i have a new love for This is a bonus for me :)The 4th picture flower(?) is so grows in abundance in the huge field nearby my place.Its so pretty:).I talkd too much!!see its the window+flower effect :))

    1. I have a similar fascination for flowers and it just so happens that we have a cute window to display them! A fascination with both windows and flowers seem pretty awesome to me. :)

    1. I think doors are pretty fascinating – it’s a shame we don’t have more interesting doors in Taiwan, they’re a bit cookie-cutter!

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