Three Months.

I’m sharing some behind-the-scenes shots from when the cafe + hostel was still under renovation back in March. They’re long overdue but I thought that this is quite the time to post them on the blog as we’ve just passed the three-month mark – funny how time flies and funny how we can never really believe it. Here’s to many more good times ahead!

Agfa Vista Plus 200, Canon FTb

4 comments on “Three Months.

  1. Yay! I can’t believe it has been open that long! That’s great! I bet it’s fun to look back at these photos and see how far things have come. It’s always nice to have documentation of the entire process, rather than just before and after.

    1. Yay! :) It’s quite surreal to think about how we only really decided on the plan at the very beginning of the year and now here we are, three months old! :) I do love looking at these pictures myself, the memories!

  2. These photos remind me of the utter pain of renovation (just my personal experience, I guess).
    CONGRATS on the three month anniversary though x

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