FuHe Bridge Flea Market / Part II.

The second time we went to the flea market at FuHe Bridge, the weather was so brilliant that everything looked wonderful under the morning sun. Apart from the countless stalls selling second-hand wares and goods, there is also a very crowded wet market within the flea market. Vendors selling fruits, vegetables, meat and local food gather every weekend to sell their fresh goods and lots of happy customers going home with large plastic bags in their hands.

Fujicolor 100, Zenit TTL

Please click here for more pictures of the Fuhe Bridge Flea Market, Taipei.

2 comments on “FuHe Bridge Flea Market / Part II.

  1. There are few things I love buying more than fresh produce now-a-days. I wish I could take photos like this sometime, but I don’t know how vendors would take it here (I don’t reckon well).

    1. Well, I hope you get a chance to take photos of your local markets, I bet it’s going to be so much more colorful and interesting! :)

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