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Lomography CN 800, Canon FTb

Dear blog,

When we first began our relationship back in December 2010, my plans for you were quite simple: a warm, cozy online space for me to curate and share beautiful pictures taken by others. I scoured the Internet for the prettiest things; there were art and handmade, products stylishly designed, vintage I wish I found and owned.

A few months later, I picked up film photography and fell hard for it. I started posting my own pictures instead of those that belonged to others. People actually enjoy them, dear blog, it came as such a surprise.

Things have been changing for a while now, I’m sure you see that. I spend less time on the Internet but more time living my life, taking pictures that I couldn’t be more excited to share here. The curating posts had started dwindling months ago and increasingly, I felt the need to change directions for good.

Curating Cuteness is taking a different meaning from when we first started. Instead of putting together beautiful posts of beautiful things other people have made, we are going to offer pictures I made myself, even if they are far less pretty. Instead of spending two hours on the Internet curating all sorts of goodies for a post, I’m going to spend the time outside in the sun, curating all the good things in the world and put them into pictures.

We’re going to have a lot of fun, promise!

Love, Katie

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  1. “…we are going to offer pictures I made myself, even if they are far less pretty. ”

    not true. pretty too! <3

  2. As much as I lovely discovering nice things on well curated blogs, I love browsing through your film photography more because it’s not only beautiful, but personal.
    When I started my own blog back in ’09, any kind of photography wasn’t in the picture. Digital & then film came much later. Your photos are definitely very pretty Katie. :) And I’m already having a ton of fun with you. :)

    1. Hi Courtney,

      Posting original content also takes blogging to a more creative and fulfilling level, it’s exciting to know people who’ve watched my blog evolve! :D

  3. Katie, I love this!! I always thought that curating cuteness was the way you saw the world… I mean, it is, but the blog started for another purpose. I love that it shifted, and I believe it did for something even better. :)

    Hope all is good and that you don’t mind me going through all your posts! :O


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