Happy Weekend.

Two weekends ago, I hoped for some time to do a bit of crocheting but obviously that didn’t happen. Weekends are the busiest at the travel hostel and we get a good number of families hanging out at the cafe on weekends. There are the super awesome children, quiet and poised and doing their own thing – and then there are the not so awesome ones who just fill the entire place with their ridiculously loud voices. To be honest, the not so awesome ones usually have less awesome parents who do nothing to discipline their children in public. I was brought up to respect that public space belongs to everyone and it’s just wrong to watch parents fawn over how adorable their children are while they scream and run all over the place with no control.

I apologize for the rant, weekends should be made up of nicer things. I’ll go sip on some coffee and sew some buttons now, happy weekend!

Kodak UltraMax 400, Canon FTb

Treasure Hill – Artist Village.

I’m really excited to finally begin sharing pictures of Treasure Hill (寶藏巖), my new favorite place to visit in Taipei! Treasure Hill is a historic community that was founded by veterans of the Chinese Nationalist Party (Kuomintang) back in the late 1940s. Academics and activists protested against the eviction of the villagers when it was to be rezoned into a parkland. After cooperating with non-governmental organization Global Artivists Participation Project, the city government developed the area into a living art village and environmentally sustainable urban community.

I’ve been there twice now (and will probably visit many more times) so I have quite a collection of pictures taken over three different rolls of film – this post focuses mainly on the Art Village aspect, lots of really cool installations, wall art, office spaces and cafes.

Agfa Vista Plus 200, Canon FTb
Fujifilm Superia 200, Zenit TTL

Shark Bites Toast / 鯊魚咬吐司.

Our friends insisted that we have waffles at Shark Bites Toast (鯊魚咬吐司) when we were in Taichung way back in February even though it was in the middle of the city and not at all near to any place we had planned to visit. It’s more of a brunch/sandwich place rather than a cafe but it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area – the food and drinks are cheap and of hearty portions, plus they look pretty cute, don’t you think?

Lomography CN 800, Canon FTb


This is a formal introduction to our resident puppy, Mimi-chan (she first appeared here). She belongs to our housemate, Juliet, and lives with us every other week. It’s unfortunate we can’t have her with us all the time; Juliet’s mother is very attached to Mimi herself and agreed to the living arrangements only after much coaxing. She will be with us next week and I honestly cannot wait. Mimi’s the sweetest thing ever – she has turned me into a dog person and I never, ever believed I was capable of being a dog person until I met her!

Ferrania Solaris 200, Canon FTb

Family on Film – My Parents in Their Youth.

The last time I posted my family’s collection of vintage photographs, we were on to the early 1980s when my parents were dating. It looks like we are going to take a little step back to somewhere between 1960s and 70s when my parents were youths, a lot younger than I am now. I still have that groovy jacket my father is wearing in the picture below, it must be at least 30 years old now!

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