Shilin Official Residence Park / Part II.

I keep changing my mind about my favorite kind of film: in the beginning I was really into the pastel hues of ISO100 film but then I realized I use my cameras indoors so much that I had to start using higher speed film. For a while I enjoyed the true-to-life colors represented by Lomography CN 400 and Paradies Action 400 tremendously but then some pictures turned out too true-to-life that they don’t look too different from digital images at all.

These were taken on the same day as my funny, swirly ones on the Superheadz UWS at the park and I’m still not sure how I feel about them. One of my favorite things about film photography is that dreamy quality with which light and colors are captured in the most unpredictable way and that quality just seem to be missing in these. I’ve been working with lots of lower speed films (Fuji, Agfa and Ferrania Solaris), trying to figure out the best ways to utilize different films for the different moods I hope to capture. It has been mostly trial-and-error so far; I love that I never stop learning new things when it comes to film photography.

Paradies Action 400, Canon FTb

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  1. I totally get what you mean, Katie. I remembered way back when I just started with film & toy cameras, it was because I was bored/fed up with regular digital, I remember calling the look clinical! And I saw some people shooting with film SLRs & getting amazing results, but as I argued with my friend, ‘What’s the difference then?’ with shooting film as opposed to digital if you get the same, perfectly focussed perfect exposure shots with perfect true to life colors? Newbie film photog questions always include the one- what kind of camera & film should I use to give my photos a vintage look?
    He explained that the tones were much more desirable while shooting film. Now when I use my Canon A-1, I see what he meant. They’re sharp, with great depth & clear like my dslr but still definitely have the feel of film, which I tend to recognize quickly now. I see those same qualities in these photos, they’re clear & sharp & everything but still have film tones in the sky, plants etc. & I love them!

    1. Thanks, Magali – I’m thankful for the different ways I look at my photos, which means there is always room for change and improvement. It’s easy to “see” the difference between analog SLRs and DSLRs but I’m still trying to find my way around appreciating toy camera pictures! I mostly only get about 10 or 12 out of 36 exposures that I really like.

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