Collection For Friends / 私藏不藏私.

Collection For Friends (私藏不藏私) is a little cafe hidden in the alleys of  the area of Zhonghe (中和) in Taipei and a treasure trove of zakka knick-knacks, vintage cameras and handmade goodness. It was an impromptu visit (back in February when we weren’t so busy!) and I used nearly an entire roll of film at this place – there are just too many things you’d want to capture – and was kicking myself for not bringing a camera with higher speed film. I have to say, though, I’m quite happy with the pastel tones, it suits the mood of the cafe quite nicely.

Kodak Gold 100 (expired), Canon FTb

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  1. Katie!!! I miss you. (In other words: I haven’t commented for awhile and probably should.) You visit so many little eateries; it is always interesting to see each one. And are those scissors shaped like the Eiffel Tower? Hahaha. I like them.

    1. Dawn!! :) I’m not such a good comment-leaver myself so no judgement is passed! There are so many wonderful diners and cafes, I wish I could go on trips around the world just to take pictures of them all. And yes, those are little Eiffel Tower scissors! :)

  2. I’m visiting Taipei later this month and this cafe looks really awesome!! Could you provide information on the address of this place please? :) I’ve googled around and nothing’s really showed up. Recommendations to any other interesting places are fine too! Just discovered your blog and you’ve some nice pictures! :)

    1. Hi Edna,

      Thank you for your comment, the address to the cafe is:

      新北市中和區景安路167巷6號1F (景安站出站往左走)
      1F, No.6, Lane 167, JingAn Road, Zhonghe District, New Taipei City
      (Turn left from MRT JingAn Station exit)

      The cafe closes on Mondays and opens from 1PM to 9PM the rest of the week. Have a great trip! :)

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