Parachute Hostel.

I hope you’ll forgive me for doing a little plugging for our new business on the blog today. Parachute Hostel is now officially five days old and we’ve welcomed travelers for all six of them. You did not read me wrong – we had a business man from Turkey who unfortunately missed his flight home knock on our doors the day before we officially opened for business, so it’s been six busy but exciting days so far.

The hostel is a little quieter today as many of our guests have headed home and I must admit that I miss the crowd in our house, definitely not something I expected at all.

The quiet, though, allows me to catch up on my shop orders and the blog, so I won’t complain. I’m going to make prints of the photograph above (taken at the weekend flea market, which makes another post altogether) to give away as business postcards and if everything goes as planned, I’ll have time to pop by the photo center tomorrow.

Back to the shameless plugging I mentioned earlier – it would be amazing if you guys could hop over to our hostel listing right here and here to give us a Facebook thumbs up. If you have any friends, or yourself, who are looking for travel accommodation in Taipei, we would be completely grateful for your recommendation!

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  1. This looks fantastic! I’m so glad that it is open now and that you have guests. Such great news. I’ll put this place on my list of places to travel to. :) It would be nice to know that I already have a place to stay.

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