Family on Film – My Parents Dating.

And we’re on to the 1980s. My parents dated for about 3 or 4 years before they got married so these are from the early 80s. What’s funny to me is that my parents haven’t really changed at all even though 30 years have passed them by. My mother, especially, is often faced with disbelief with she tells people that her firstborn is already over 25 years of age. I should take pictures of them now – although I’m not good with portraits at all – just to be able to do a then and now.

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  1. These photos are so precious! Your mom looks lovely. Giggling at the last photo because of your dad’s bell bottom pants, my grandparents celebrated their silver jubilee in ’87 & all the males had the same type of pants. :)

      1. Yes, very sharp. :)
        Back then (at least here) ready mades were expensive & rare & getting something readymade was a luxury for my mom. Funny how the tables have turned, now tailoring is a kind of luxury & readymades are in abundance.

  2. your dad has awesome highwaisted bell bottom pants! hehe. i think my dad has a couple of those too.. fashionable!

  3. They both look really sweet!
    How comforting and touching to see those…
    Must have given you a good start in life!
    Thanks a lot for sharing those,
    they really make me want to hug them
    (that would be weird, haha)***

    1. That’s such a kind thing to say but yes, I believe they did give me a good start in life with a family such as ours, I’m very grateful for that. :)

      Haha, they might find it weird to hug – being middle-aged Chinese – but they would understand your sentiment!

  4. You said your father was pretty proud of those pants? Wow; I’d have to say that they looked pretty sharp for back then! I kind of like them! And even though there is damage to that first photo, it’s nice to be able to see their faces. it was aesthetically destroyed in just the right places.

    1. I suppose it did help that he was always skinny enough to carry them off (he still is skinny!) – the first photo is one of my favorites!

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