The Colors of Little India.

These pictures were taken last December, when I visited Singapore for a dear friend’s wedding. Little India is definitely one of my favorite places ever, bursting with colors, ethnic fragrances, and scrumptious street food. I adore the gathering of fortune tellers, roadside stalls selling flower garlands, incense, and jewelry shops – there is always so much to take in and love about this place.

Paradies Action 400, Canon FTb

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  1. Gorgeous images! I didn’t get to Little India when I was last in Singapore … but I definitely will next time … it looks like a wonderful place to explore. :)

  2. Oh we visited Singapore a couple of time before I was four so though I’ve been there I remember almost nothing. My mom talks a lot about it though, & some large store called Mohd. Mustafa. I must say it looks a lot like the real India. And if you like little India you should visit India sometime. :)

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