Sleepy Cats.

I’ve wanted to share these pictures for the longest time but they just never worked into my blogging schedule until today. These were taken at an amazing place called CAT AND LIFE where they keep and feed stray cats opened to adoption from the public. Many people who visit wonder how they manage to keep the place running since the adoption process has no money involved at all. Well, they also have a cat hotel business on the third level of the building and hopefully, it will continue to be sufficient in the long run.

We didn’t pick the best time to visit though; the kitties were busy napping after lunch!

Ferrania Solaris 100, Canon FTb

9 comments on “Sleepy Cats.

  1. This is the coolest thing ever!
    I always see cats wandering the streets and wish there was something like this to help out. It’s horrible to think how many cats are on their own and starve.
    As always, lovely captures!

  2. Oh goodness! I want to open a place like this for all the stray kitties in my neighbourhood! Well, my place used to be a little like this; I’d feed the strays & even let a few in during cold winter nights. Since getting my Gracie pup, though, the strays stay away!
    I love the idea of homeless cats getting warm & fed & have cozy places to sleep. Makes my heart sing.
    Honestly, I think this needs to be copycatted around the world!
    signed, another crazy cat lady, Caren. :)

    1. I think that’s an extremely kind thing to do, Caren! I hope you’ll get the chance to set up such a place for your neighborhood, maybe with a few other crazy cat ladies! xoxo

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