Konica Auto S.

I just spent my first work day at my new home; my office space is about four times bigger than the old one, with ample natural light. It’s beautiful around here but I do miss my old place. It was small but everything I needed. I’m glad I used the test rolls from my new vintage cameras to record some fond memories of the place, namely my neighbor’s roof top garden. :)

Ferrania Solaris 400 (expired), Konica Auto S

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  1. These are photos of the old space? Lovely photos! I’m looking for a new space too. There’s always so many pros and cons involved with it, but it’s fun to settle into a new work environment!

    1. Thanks Van! It is as much fun as it is a challenge, trying to get used to where things are :) I hope you find an ideal place soon!

  2. Hello there, can I check with you, how long were this roll of film expired for? Did you overexpose it to compensate the possible loss of sensitivity of the film? I am asking because I have a few rolls of expired Solaris 400 with me too and I am not sure how they will turn out! Thanks!

    Nice blog, by the way! Glad I found it!

    1. Hi Jayna,

      My film is dated back to 2009 so it’s been expired for about two to three years. The thing about expired film is that you usually have no idea how well they’ve been kept, which makes all the difference. If they’ve been kept frozen, chances are they will turn out exactly as how new film will. But if they have been exposed to heat, there might be large color shifts.

      I seldom consider exposures or shutter speeds based on whether a film is expired or not. I prefer to overexpose most of my shots (film is very tolerant) because I prefer lots of light in my pictures. I would just say give one roll a shot and see how things turn out and then make adjustments on your next roll. Have fun! :)

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