Family on Film – Paternal Grandparents.

This is something I’ve been wanting to do but only found the time during Chinese New Year break to go through the fifty family albums – big and small – we have at my parents’ place. Some of the photographs have been partially or completely destroyed due to an unfortunate event of a small flood but I still managed to pick out many favorites that I have digitized as keepsakes.

The ones I’m sharing today are of my paternal grandparents and their children (my father is the middle child in the photograph below) in the 1950s. I took these photographs out of a beautifully kept album in black that I found for the first time this year; my mother says it was handed down to her from my paternal grandmother whom, sadly, I never met because she passed away before my parents were married.

I have planned a series of posts to share these beautiful vintage photographs of my family and if you have access to your own family albums, I urge you to do the same – I would really, really love to see vintage family photographs from all over the world.

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  1. Wow. It’s such a good thing that, despite having survived what could’ve been a disaster, that you can still see these. Though, when I was younger, I wasn’t much for pictures of relatives I had never met, I grow increasingly interested now. I ask my mother about things when she was growing up, the same for my grandmother. I enjoy looking at older pictures of them and thinking about who they were, what they liked, what their lives were like. I make them into characters in my mind, create settings for them and compare them to books who describe similar time periods. ….thank you for sharing these! It was so interesting to see photographs of your family from a different time.

    1. I go through these albums at least once a year but never really felt that I had to do something to keep and share them until I started using film myself. The only negatives left are of my parents’ wedding and I truly think they are the most precious things ever!

      I like to imagine these people in their time, too, and sometimes get jealous of the sense of nostalgia our modern lives lack so much of; but I’ve become a little more careful in my jealousy after watching Midnight in Paris…. :)

  2. They’re beautiful! I love seeing vintage photos & to me it’s better to see someone known like a blogger’s family than anonymous ones at thrift stores! I dream of making modern photos look truly vintage sometimes but I don’t think this feel can ever be duplicated. I too have some super old photos I’d love to post, haven’t scanned them yet though. :)

    1. I hope you scan them soon, Magali, I would really love to see them! :) I agree with you, I don’t think it’s completely possible to duplicate the same feel, just the borders of these photographs are way more intricate than what we have these days.

  3. these are beautiful. i collect old photos- sometimes even sell them on etsy- but only the ones of strangers. the old photos i have of family members are my little treasures. like you i’ve been scanning the albums and sometimes share them on my blog. very cool post.

    1. Thank you so much, Courtney! I didn’t know you share your pictures too, I’ll definitely be looking forward to seeing them on your blog :)

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