Family on Film – My Parents Growing Up.

Today I’m sharing pictures of my parents from their childhood and youth – my father is the younger child in the pictures above and my mom is the girl on the right in the picture below. I honestly cannot stop myself from looking at them over and over again; there is such a sweetness to seeing your parents as children and teenagers, I can even see a bit of myself in my mom as a school girl!

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6 comments on “Family on Film – My Parents Growing Up.

    1. Thanks Rhianne, I love these pictures to bits and I didn’t even take them :D

      I hope you share the pictures of your mom on your blog!

  1. These, again, are so cool! I should share some photos of my parents, too, just because it is so interesting. (Granted, I am a bit short on the father side of photos). It looks as if you and your mom have the same smile.

    1. I am having so much fun putting these Family on Film posts together, I love owning these little pieces of memories. Please do share! I’ll be looking forward to seeing them on your blog :)

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