Brick and Mortar.

Two of my best friends recently signed the lease for a three-storey building which they are going to turn into a travel hostel and cafe. It’s a one minute walk from the subway station and very near (but away from the hustle and bustle) the immensely popular Shida Night Market. Renovations will commence this week and hopefully we’ll be ready by April.

I honestly don’t have enough words to tell you how excited I am; we are a very lucky bunch of people who have been graced with the chance of making dreams come true. I definitely plan to share more pictures along this journey, here’s hoping it’s going to be an incredible one.

Ferrania Solaris 100, Canon FTb

8 comments on “Brick and Mortar.

  1. How exciting!!! I wish I had more courage to follow my dreams sometimes. I do consider myself a dreamer and achiever but not a great adventurer.
    Seem like such a great adventure to be a part of! Looking forward to your photos and stories!!!

    P.S. You always make me feel lame that I don’t use my film camera so much as before. If only it wasn’t so expensive here!!

    1. Thank you, Galit! I’m sure your courage are meant for different but equally wonderful things. :)

      P.S. I wish you didn’t feel that way but I’m glad you want to use film more. I wish it weren’t so crazy expensive for so many people I know!

  2. that is AMAZING. i look forward to seeing your photos. a youth hostel would be such a cool business. i’m sure they will meet so many interesting people. i have a couple of friends who have started art galleries, sewing studios, and other neat businesses. it’s very inspiring.

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