Vintage Displays at Red House Theater.

The Red House Theater is one of my favorite spots to visit in Taipei. A historical building located in the very busy area of Ximending, it was originally a market building but was used as a theater since 1945. In 2010, The Red House Theater launched a new area designed to house local creative brands, which only made this old building more fun to visit! These pictures are of the beautiful vintage displays they have right at the back of the main area.

Kodak UltraMax 800, Canon FTb

8 comments on “Vintage Displays at Red House Theater.

  1. Oooo…I really like the soft focus on the edges of these photos. It makes everything seem so close, yet entirely untouchable.

    1. I love the way you described them, I wish they were a part of my era but unfortunately no, ao in a way they are completely untouchable even though they were right in front of me…

  2. The reason I remember this place is because on my last day in Taiwan, we saw a ruckus from across the street and heard Jolin Tsai was holding a fan-meet there! I am definitely going to visit this place again the next time I get to Taipei!

    1. I know what you mean! We’re always attracted to crowds at XMD, it’s always some popstar or other. And you definitely should visit, they have craft markets outside the building on some weekends, too!

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