Sewing and Crocheting.

Lomography CN 400, Canon FTb

I have quite a few themes I’d really love to blog about but I’m in the middle of tons of sewing and crocheting, getting orders out and making sure that this new collection is going to be ready before the Chinese New Year break (which is super early this year!).

Just popping by to say hi and hoping you are having a great mid-week!

Ferrania Solaris 800, Yashica Electro 35 GSN

4 comments on “Sewing and Crocheting.

  1. When I was young, I have a weirdly love for sewing. I did get to try out an old sewing machine from school from home economics subj and it was fun. But that was that. I never had a sewing machine. Wheb I wanted to make clothes, or bags, I hand sew them which sucks cause I’m not really good.

    Also, I love crocheting! Not really good as well, but last summer I made myself a beanie! I tried makig amigurumis but haven’t really finished anything yet! Hahaha!

    I call these loves, love for oldage. “Lola — in Filipino means grandma — Trips / Hits”. Hahaha!

    And your products are cute! Isaw it over Etsy!

    1. I was never interested in sewing AT ALL when I was growing up, haha, so I really admire that you tried it when you were younger! There are very inexpensive sewing machines these days (like mine) and it would be very easy for your to purchase one and pick it up again!

      I adore crocheting too but it takes so much time so I definitely know what it feels like to have lots of unfinished projects. :D

      Thank you for your kind words on my shop and thank you for leaving comments so I can revisit these older posts! :)

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