With the Recesky at Taipei Expo Park.

These are from my first roll of film taken with the Recesky at the Taipei Expo Park. The weather was just brilliant, perfect for toy cameras! I must admit that I didn’t try to adjust the focus at all because I was still bruising from turning the focus rings when putting the camera together. This is a gorgeous camera, no doubt, but I was quite ready to put leave it on the shelves forever until I saw that the pictures were not half bad, considering that I was taking photos so randomly. Definitely going to try an entire roll of double exposures the next time!

Lucky Super 200, Recesky TLR

4 comments on “With the Recesky at Taipei Expo Park.

  1. I definitely think you put your best images in the best places–the first and the last slots. The last image is so dark, but in a good way! A good, dark mysteriousness. And the double exposure at the top is so cool! “Trippy,” as my brother would say. :) I love how the images meshed together.

    Also, it’s nice to see posts from you again! I know you’ve been really busy.

  2. Hi there, we just developed our first film taken with our recesky and they turned out pretty bad :( just wanted to ask about the focusing on the camera. After adjusting the focus rings when putting the camera together, do we still have to focus when taking photos? The rings are so tightly adjusted though… Anyway, great job on the pics! They look awesome :)

    1. Hi Xenalvr,

      Thank you for your comment! Yes, you’ll still need to focus and the Recesky is a pain to focus! I’ve asked a few people and they’ve confirmed that it’s normal for the focusing knobs to be difficult to turn. Many of my pictures turned out blur too and I’m probably not taking it out anytime soon since it also requires lots of natural light. What I do is focus it at about 0.8m to 1m before I take it outside and then try to frame my pictures within that focus distance so I don’t have to keep focusing. Good luck with your next roll! :)

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