Antique Bookstore Finds.

Some time ago, we visited a very small antique book shop just fifteen minutes away from where we live and came home with a good haul of vintage goodies. My favorite has got to be a set of postcards featuring woodblock printings by Japanese artist Minakawa Taizo. I’m inclined to frame them up for the wall but it would be nice to actually send the postcards out, too, don’t you think?

Lomography CN 400, Canon FTb

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  1. Do you postcross as well? I just found about it recently,, where people sign up to get post card and send post cards from all over the world. They will give you a randomly selected address that you will send your postcard to. And once sent, you can also get postcards yourself. I haven’t sent any cause the post office in our town is, well, not existing anymore.:( Or they moved it and I have no idea where it is.

    1. :D I don’t postcross but I exchange snail mail with a couple of fellow bloggers. I heard about the website a long time ago and recently when I signed up for a film swap, my partner turned out to be Ana (, one half of the postcrossing founders! :D

      That’s too bad about your post office! Maybe you should write to the main office and request for a new one, that would be nice, wouldn’t it? :)

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