Taipei’s Green Library.

The Beitou Branch of Taipei Public Library is one of Taiwan’s first sustainable construction projects. Its beautiful wooden interior is reminiscent of the design style that was developed during Japan’s occupation of Taiwan (1895-1945), when thousands of buildings were constructed of timber felled from the island’s forests. I would love to visit more often, if it weren’t situated far out in the north of the city. Picking a summer weekend to visit was probably not the cleverest idea either because it was ridiculously crowded and hot.

The library is situated inside Beitou Park, which is a lovely place to spend a slow afternoon.

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    1. Oh, yes, it is actually kind of a “touristy” place but it’s also the only library they allow you to take pictures in if you apply for a pass at the reception. :D The surroundings are wonderful, too, the Beitou area is pretty with greenery and hot springs.

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