What’s in Your Bag?

I was browsing the Flickr group “What’s In Your Bag?” after a long time and was pretty inspired to take a picture of my own. The black lacey satchel, which I wear as a backpack, was purchased solely for the convenience of bringing my two vintage cameras around. I’m very much a tote-on-an-arm girl but those heavy machines just needed another safer, lighter way to be carried around.

I kinda wish I had a “cooler” book to photograph this with but the truth is the one that’s perpetually in my bag these days is my Korean grammar book (and coincidentally, my adorable notebooks are also from Korea). Here are a few of my favorites from the Flickr group:


(Ruba S.A.A)



(thrill to thrill)

(Britta Rankl)


(pencil scribbles)

(little miss shutter bug)

(Asia Mucha)

(May Ann Licudine)

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6 comments on “What’s in Your Bag?

  1. Loving your bag. So lovely. Everything in it is also great. I’m working on mine as we speak. Thanks for sharing the other posts. I’ve been inspired. :-)

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