Reusing Film Canisters.

When I first started taking pictures with film, I used to leave the film canisters with the photo center since they have better resources to reusing/recycling them. After a while, as I experimented with more kinds of film, I began to have quite a bit of fun collecting the different canisters from various brands/countries.

I believe that I have previously mentioned that I am a container junkie. Naturally, these film canisters have become quite the appropriate little homes to my jewelry/sewing supplies.

And if you’re the sewing type, I would totally encourage you to make a small but cute pin cushion out of your film canisters! They’re so easy to make (yes, I’m sure you’d realize by now I really, really like easy DIYs!) Look around on the Internet, you’ll find lots of amazing uses people have come up with to recycle them; I’m definitely going try the ones featured below.

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  1. Oh my … they’re all such great ideas. I’ve used film canisters as little knick-knack holders, but I’ve never thought of making something extra useful out of them.

  2. These are all such great ideas, it’s too bad I just threw out several of them while cleaning out my drawers. With everything being digital, I doubt I will ever buy film again.

  3. I know I’m *very* late to the game on this one, but my parents and I have used them for years to stash quarters in the car. (I’m pretty sure we’ve been doing this since I was in college — and I graduated in ’97.) I believe one will hold about $2.50 in quarters — perfect for a quick car wash, a rest stop vending machine, etc. Also handy for the laundromat (at least it was the last time I went) or to keep in your desk at work for vending machines.

    We’ve all switched to digital, but I miss our little hoards of film canisters.

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